IV Hydration for Food Poisoning

What Causes Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning occurs when pathogens contaminate your food or water, leading to diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.

Food poisoning regularly causes adults and children to lose large amounts of fluids, leading to dehydration. Instead of going to the hospital to get an IV, opting for mobile IV therapy allows you to get the relief you need in the comfort of your own home to treat the symptoms of food poisoning.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

IV hydration therapy may help alleviate symptoms associated with food poisoning, including:

  • Upset stomach

  • Nausea

  • Stomach cramps

  • Fever

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

IV Ingredients and their Benefits:

  • IV fluids: A sterile saline solution that hydrates your body and delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream for 100% absorption.

  • B-Complex Vitamins: A family of vitamins that perform many different roles in your body, including energy production, metabolic support, cardiovascular support, and more. Specifically, B vitamin pyridoxine (B6) allows immune cells (white blood cells) to ramp up in the face of infection. Pyridoxine (B6) has been shown to reduce nausea.

  • Vitamin B12: Vital to brain health and energy. Vitamin B12 is essential for building new blood cells, DNA, and nerve insulation. It can help to improve energy in patients.

  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant vitamin that supports muscle growth, bone strength and health, circulatory function, aids in the removal of free radicals, and supports cell repair and wound healing. Vitamin C deficiency significantly weakens the immune system and increases the risk of infections.

  • Magnesium: An essential mineral that promotes normal nerve and muscle function, promotes cardiovascular health, and supports protein production.

  • Glutathione: A supercharged dose of a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals naturally produced by your body when you are sick. Glutathione is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent as it inhibits the production of most inflammatory molecules called cytokines. This not only helps treat the pain and aches associated with your illness but also helps keep you from getting sick.

  • Zinc: Allows a wide variety of immune function including proper function of white blood cells responsible for both your innate and adaptive immunity. Zinc even has some direct effects on your bug and may slow the reproduction of microbes.

  • Anti-nausea & vomiting medicine: Your illness have you feeling queasy or throwing up? This medicine works directly in the areas of the body to block the transmission of signals in your nervous system that has caused your upset stomach. This medicine is very effective so take solace in knowing your nausea and vomiting should end quickly.

  • Anti-inflammatory, headache, pain, & fever medicine: Need something to take care of your aches, fever, headache, and/or generalized pain and do so quickly? That is exactly what this anti-inflammatory medication will do. This is by far the quickest way to get your productivity back and at the least, feeling well enough to function.

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